Marc Sueper

Are you looking for a Magician for your Event ?

You are looking for some Magical Entertainment for your Private- or Corporate Event ? Then this is exactly the right place to be ! Whether if private Party or Corporate Event, if offer entertainment for every occasion. CONTACT us today and  I will send you an individual offer, custom tailored to your event.  Alle of my programms are available in german and english. 

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What I offer:


Close-Up Magic / Table hopping

This is Magic as close as it can get. The Magic happens directly in front of the Spectators eyes and even in their hands.  To me that is the strongest way to experience magic and to create unforgettable Moments for your Guests. This suits especially for private Events, Weddings & Corporate Events from 20 – 200 Guests.


Stand Up Show / Parlor Magic 

The Standup Show as well as Parlor Magic is best suitable for medium sized Events. This offers a mixture of Magic directly on your Guest as well as Magic for the whole audience. No Stage or great Equipment is required for this programm, everything that is required will be offered by us. Usually this show happens at a Table and the audience is gathered around. 



Our Stageshow offers an event, full of magical Moments. From Cardtricks up to the huge Stage Illusion, there is something for everyone. Parts of this Showact can be tailored to your Brand or Requirements, in every case a Stage is required for it. It has a length of around 60 – 90 Minutes. Audiosystem and Lighteffects can be provided by us. 


100% Satisfaction – Guarantee

No Matter if small private Party or huge Stageshow, in any case applies our 100% Satisfaction – Guarantee





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